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A massively overhyped game that made all of the WoW addicted, can't stop talking about that kill last night douchebags at my school practically orgasm. Despite popular belief, Halo 3 is not the best game in the world, the only thing it brought to the party was the "through the helmet visor" view. I can assure you based off the first one, if you play it on legendary, you are playing the original doom on ultraviolence except with better graphics and it's not classic worthy.
Please note that REAL gamers see it as a game and NOT one to be obsessed over. As long as you don't obess over it, your fine.
Someone: Halo 3 omg lets have a xbox live party.
Theothersomeone: Dude, no.
Someone: OMG u hate halo ur a douche blah blah blah i'm a faggot blah blah blah.
by easybutton October 12, 2007

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