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A website filled with homophobic wannabe trolls. They call themselves "hackers" and "programmers", although that only pertains to maybe 3% of the community. The rest are just script-kiddies who do not give credit where credit is due.

5% of them go on 4Chan, and 95% of them act like they do. Within the latter percentile lies unoriginal douchebags, for further information on the matter, look up "River J".

The site isn't all that bad, there are many people on it that are actually worth a shit (i.e. two very dedicated and legitimate members named Spartan Gunney and PENNSTATE. Not the only two, however.), but don't expect to find too many reasonable people on there.

All most of them do is bitch about the reputation system. You know, a number on the Internet? Instead of being sentimental, they're all materialistic bitchy teenagers that don't appreciate the fact that they themselves are being appreciated unless someone clicks the "thank" button. God forbid you -Rep them for being an idiot.

The site is filled with narcissistic, materialistic, naive and arrogant/ignorant FAGGOTS.

Anyways, there are many flaws to the site, but the few members that are actually legitimate (you know who you are, but I bet 100% of the site is going to be like "Oh, that's me", so why bother) make NGU the great site that it is.
75% of NextGenUpdate = <Member 1> D00d, y did u -rep m3, br0?

<Member 2> Because you were being an idiot... I can point out at least 3 points where you're wrong, and provide a very elaborate explanation on why for each.

<Member 1> (Deducts reputation from user because he/she has to take criticism for once)

<Member 2> Whatevs. :)

Moral of the story? You're a fag if you're not like member 2.
by eXo Outsider February 28, 2011

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