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The abbreviation of the term Pwned Easy/ Pwn'd Easy used by online gamers, usually of FPS (First Person Shooter) origin, relating to the absolute domination of an enemy.

The term is commonly used during extremely skilled matches, (public tournaments and the like) when an enemy has the upper hand and you realizing that an enemy is behind you or in your blind spot, react instinctively and kill the enemy before they know what hit them. Usually in the manner of a flash scope, (extremely quick quick-scope, where the scope barely appears on your screen, usually for less than .25 secs) or a head shot from a pistol.

This term may also be used alongside the term 'One-click', the term 'One-click' refers to the instance of killing an enemy with only 1 bullet, the first from the clip, or the result of changing from a pistol to your ak-47 for example.
For the term 'One-click' to be accurate and individual must fire only one bullet, then proceed to quick switch to another weapon and then back.

These two terms may be used together in a chat entry as such. 'Damn, Pz One-click' Etc.
Pz Examples:


"Enemy sneaks up behind you, hearing footsteps you turn around and take an instinctive shot, barely aiming and kill your enemy. You post in the chat 'Pz.' or 'Pwn'd easy'. Usually your enemy will feel a sense of shame and anger for failing to kill you, when they could have done so effortlessly. Eventually either accusing you of hacking, or acknowledging your skill that resulted in their death "

Chat entry Example.

‘Damn son, you got Pz’d.’, ‘I know right, Nice Shot’, ‘Thanks’.

One-Click Examples:

Scenario 1:
"Sees an enemy roughly 200m away, proceeds to change to a pistol takes a single instinctive shot, then quick-switches (Quick-switching is the term refer to quickly switching from a weapon and then back to the original weapon in your hand before you proceeded to switch).

Scenario 2: "Sees an enemy 200m away (holding ak-47 with acog scope), scopes in for a fraction of a second then shoots a single bullet, quick-switching and seeing the resulting death of an enemy"
by eQuestionz May 15, 2013

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