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The women who followed and sang back up for Rick James.
"Do ya' love me Mary Jane..."
"Do-do-do-doo Mary Jane"
by eMOS June 08, 2004
The "African-American" warrior god who lays destruction to all in his path... Now believed to live in the backwoods of Connecticut.
Indugu slaughtered my entire family, and I got it on film!
by eMOS June 08, 2004
A diss, obviously based off the name of a common house pet with a silly name...
Shut your mouth, you cockerspanial!
by eMOS June 08, 2004
An exclamation used to start a sentence or just blurt out... used like "whoa!" or "OMG". Even if it's not for a good reason, it's still fun to say. Try linking multiple "hohs" for a silly tune.
"HOH, I just found 20 bucks!" or "HOH, if you jimmy tap me again, I'll kill you."
by eMOS June 11, 2004
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