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An individual, male or female, who is socially inept and of sub-par intelligence. They are known for their feeble minds, obnoxious behavior, and often regarded as a nuisance to the general public because they suck at life. Most Trolls suffer from low self esteem and inadequacies, to coup with this they often project their feelings of insecurities on people they envy. Trolls are found all over the world and seem to be on the rise. Trolls are often eager to harass members of society who contribute to humanity and hold higher social values. Once it's been confirmed the individual in question is in fact a troll, it is appropriate to sound a "TROLL ALERT" to notify others.
1) Annoying Individual at public place is giving you crap for no reason, other then to perhaps seem cool in his own mind. - It would be appropriate to sound a "TROLL ALERT" - which is you stating this loudly to the crowd, your friends and other people, in the know, should follow suit, for maximum delivery. This has been proven to be highly effective is disarming Trolls.

2) Group of individuals (Trolls) pointing and laughing. - Confirm they are trolls. confirmed. - guy 1 - Sound Troll Alarm "TROLL ALERT" - guy 2 - "TROLL ALERT" - guy 3 - "TROLL ALERT" - Trolls now shut up and leave you alone.
by eFlow May 14, 2012

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