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A sewer dwelling horse that is watching you RIGHT NOW.

A sewer horse in my pasture? Well, it's more common than you think.

You will know when a sewer horse is in your prescence. The Sewer horse is a hideous creature,. I will describe the sewer horse to you and you tell me if you've seen it.

The Sewer Horse has black skin and the face resembles a horse. It looks like it would be hanging around a sewer or was born in a sewer because of it's disfigured and abnormal facial features. We call it shitface. It's one of those creatures you feel sorry for and wonder if the mother did crack when she was pregnant with the sewer horse.

The Sewer Horse will have a face that resembles Mr. Ed. Long narrow, bony with bulging mishapen eyes that pop out of the sockets. The mouth will be large with gums exposed and larger teeth.

The Sewer Horse also has hair like a horse would. It resembles straw and is dry to the touch.

If you see this creature stay far away from it and it's minions or you may end up eaten or worse.

The sewer horse likes to watch people and gets angry when they see another who threatens their territory. If threatened the horse will attack so tread carefully.

The sewer horse goes by numerous names including jenny, vay jay jay, straw hair shemale, crack baby, ugly duckling and sewer.
There's a sewer horse dwelling among us and it's hungry.
by e2vs July 10, 2008
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