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Once known as POKERSTARS "the largest online card room in the world" JokerStars has now taken over the once reputable site. Players all over the world should beware of bad beats, donkey players with enormous chip stacks, and the banning of chat privileges during online play or banter.
WTF...I just got my pocket Ace's cracked by 7-2 offsuit...

That's JokerStars for you...

Time to make another online deposit...

by dznuts619sdc March 01, 2009
Konica Minolta's weapon of choice when beating down the competition in the copier industry. The bizhub line can copy, print, and scan all paper documents in one easy step.
"I need to scan a picture of my balls and send it off to my girlfriend"

Thats easy man...use the bizhub and send it off as an email attachment.
by dznuts619sdc May 24, 2008
the residue of shit that remains in and around your butt hole after taking a shit...usually happens when you run out of toilet paper...or just too lazy to wipe your ass after taking a huge dump.
Damn...I ran out of toilet paper again...and my creamy cheek is going to make shid marks on my boxers AGAIN...
by dznuts619sdc April 01, 2007

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