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Standard call for rapists before striking. Also used to express desire or simply to fill silences. Common among youths of rural Wales.

Feminine tense: Hello Kitten
Common northern version: Ay-up fluffy whiskers
Teacher: "One more word out of any of you and you'll all have detention!"
Legend: "Hello kitty."

Fit girl walks past
Male: "Hello Kitty..."

Male takes of shirt in gym
Woman: "Hello kitten..."

Young woman out jogging. Male jumps out in front of her. Tense pause. He smiles.
"Hello Kitty."
by dyslexic-chyc December 19, 2010
A team of fearless men and women who put their lives on the line to find people lost on the mountains, and they don’t even get paid.

Operating in midwales, specifically the Brecon Beacons, the team consists of a range of people; doctors, grounds men and even a chemistry teacher. They will be paged when someone gets lost or hurt on the region, and they will run out to find these people.

One epic example of their entirely selflessness is a certain chemistry teacher from Brecon. He got paged in the middle of a lesson, turned the class to the emergency work he prepares at the beginning of each term in the event that he has to run off, then left in his mightily land rover to go and find the lost individual. He met the rest of the team and they started to make their way up the mountain, except our favourite chem teacher was worried the pace was too slow, so he ran ahead to make sure the lost persons were all right. Later that afternoon, a glider crashed into Pen-y-Fan and he was continued from his present position on the mountain to go and help the pilot, despite his team being told that, as they had already completed a rescue, they did not have to do it. The team volunteered anyway. Once the recue was complete, the chemistry teacher returned to school for his final lesson of the day. He did this entire rescue still in his shirt and tie!

They are all true heroes.
Hiker 1: ok I admite it, we're lost.
Hiker 2: (scowls) I'll call mountain rescue.

Person 1: Did you here about that girl who fell in the river in Brecon and was swept away?
Person 2: Yeah! Have they found her yet?
Person 1: Yeah they have, Mountain Rescue were sweeping all along the river all night.
by Dyslexic-chyc April 08, 2011
Cult phenomenon in midwales. Mainly the Powys region.

To DRG, DRGable; to complete a task with particular energy and incomparable skill, usualy in a legendry fashion.

DRGing; to describe a particular striking feature or activity.
Hiker: I'm going to DRG this hill!!!!!!!

Student 1: God that test was hard...
Student 2: please! I DRGed that test! good grades 5!!!!

Dude 1: That's a pretty DRGing car you got there....
Dude 2: Cheers. I had it pimped to do cross-country driving.

Xcountry runner 1: That is a pretty DRGing course... this is going to be hard.
Xcountry runner 2: That course is unDRGable!! I'm going to die....
Xcountry runner 1: Nothing is unDRGable. We can do it my friend!!!
by Dyslexic-chyc April 08, 2011
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