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Rap is'nt just one word! Its an Acronym.R.A.P. stands for what it means.R:ythmically A:ccented P:oetry.In my opinion One Of The Greatest Forms Of Music ever devised and the only type of music that when all the other ones are added or "sampled" it would still be true to its own form.
"Rap is somthing you do, Hip Hop is something you live" - krs 1
by dysfunk May 04, 2005
1.b-boyin' or breakin
3.MCin' or emceein'
4.Graffiti or Taggin'

alot of contraversy of the 5th element.some say that the 5th is fasion(i.ei clothes/image),beatboxin(could be put under MCin' n DJin').but i say its tha hip hop culture itself,n like tha rings in tha phantom and in tha movie 5 elements, all tha elements go into tha final to make tha painting complete.
"the five elements of hip hop...djin',MCin', Breakin, and Graffiti" -Arsonists
by dysfunk March 26, 2005
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