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An ultra-liberal post-secondary institution (though it should be called a high school) located north of Toronto. Below are some important characteristics of this shithole:

1. Large numbers of Jewish professors and students, which explains York's strong left-wing views.

2. Close proximity to Jane & Finch, an area of Toronto notoriously known for high crime rates, street gangs, and drug dealers. This explains the countless thefts and sexual assualts that have taken place on campus. Campus security doesn't give a shit.

3. Greedy TAs (08-09 strike)

4. Rich, cocky, and pretentious students who spend more time on their iPhones than their studies.

York university is the dumping ground of high school dropouts and dumbfucks who can't get into other universities.
There is a well-known saying regarding York university: If you can hold a fork, you can go to York.
by dxx February 17, 2010

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