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2 definitions by dvour

Skillad contains of two words:

Skill + lad(lad - guy, lady - woman) = skilled lad, having amazing skill in what he/she does. Basically a term to define one's virtuoso-ness.

Two gamers chit-chatting:

- Yo man yesterday my gaming-goggles got totally blown awayz0r man !
- No shit man, sup ?
- There was this crazy guy, owning it up, we were playing cod2, toujane, and he was like, ACEing half of the rounds, clutching like a beastz0r !
- Some serious skillad eh ?
- Ye man, he got me hard, lol, good thing I took his xfire.
- Good, good, ye gonna ...
by dvour March 02, 2008

SIA is basically a Gaming term in computer world, refering to real life term - KIA.

It's very alike with word skillad, meaning Skilled In Action. It's Killing with Skill = S-killing.

Being SIA in first person shooters has a meaning of being shot in a very unorthodox, very thought through and amazing way.
SIA can be anything including Headshots, Clutches, ACEs, and other amazing stuff that can be done using skill.


SIA'd also may have a meaning of " Served in action " linking to " you got served " .
Gamer chit-chat:

(two guys watching their teammate frag):

- Woah, look at that HS !
- Ahahaha, another one !
- Holly shit, those guys got SIA'd :DD
by dvour March 02, 2008