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A person who is obese but wears quite provocative clothing in an attempt to be a fashion symbol. They are usually proud of being overweight and typically disgust anyone who comes into contact with them.

Msot Obeasts are typically African American women who quote "I not be fat... I be bootiful."
Person 1 "Jimmy shield your eyes! There is an obeast woman coming down the road."

Person 2 "Don't you mean obese."

Person 1 "No. She has all her clothes and fat hanging out."

Person 2 "Eww she does look like a beast!"

Person 1 "See, now you understand"
#ape #tar #baby #monkey #gorilla #fat #nigger #african #beautiful #chimp #obese #overwight #fatass #lard
by dustincolin63 July 17, 2009
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