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the expel of intestinal gases released via the anus.
wow, your back breath is horrible, what in the hell did you eat? your momma's V?
by duskins February 17, 2008
An assumed "food group" believed to regularly be consumed by black people.
Toho: "Damn nigga, I's be needin's some friend chicken nigga."
Yoho: "Nigga damn, that's why dems honkeys always be thinkins' we always eaten friend chicken and wata' melon b!tch!"
Toho: "sh!t. . . (pause) I know! Lets go get some Big Macs from McD's!"
Yoho: "Word B!tch, now dats how we do."
by duskins July 07, 2006
An awkward, useless word that only idiot english majors would try and sneak into a conversation. -- lack of spirit, inbetween happy and sad, indifference.
English Major Idiot: "Gracious be, I'm feeling so rather lackadaisical in this moment."
English Major Idiot's friend: "Dude.. .stfu! `smack` b!tch! just say yo ain't up to doin' sh!t u motha f**ka'. . . damn. I need some friend chicken. . . you f*ckin b!tch ass. . ."

by duskins July 05, 2006

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