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Short for "panty wadder" - someone who is a sissy and likes to bitch and moan about everything.
My friend Doug is a gigantic king kamehameha wadder.
by dungeonmistress December 28, 2009
the joining of two forces so powerful that when combined, world domination is sure to follow.
Joel and Julie's marriage signifies the combination of two forces so powerful, the world shall know them not singularly as Joel and Julie, but as TEAM PWN.
by dungeonmistress May 28, 2010
How Asians and Mexicans pronounce the name "Doug."
Although his name is Doug, when certain ethnic types (ie, Asians and Hispanics) call his name it sounds like they are calling their pet. Example: "Hi Dog, long time no see. I hear you are a Wadder." Therefore, to these ethnic types, Doug tells them his name is something else to avoid the embarrassment of being called a dog.
by dungeonmistress December 29, 2009
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