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(Point of Giving A Shit)
An acronym for that point when you've had all the shit thrown at you, and you're at a crossroads: to continue giving a shit or to go beyond and not give a shit.
Girlfriend: Oh, by the way, I'm fucking your best friend.
Mother: Your dog just died, and you're going to fail out of college.
Father: Your mother and I are getting a divorce.
You: You know what? I'm at the POGAS and edgin over the line.
by dumbledor42 December 04, 2011
Basically, having numerous conversations at once with the same person, like having a conversation on Facebook, Yahoo Instant Messenger and the phone--all with the same person. This usually occurs when you have absolutely nothing else to do.
Jack: So did you talk to Kelly last night?
Rick: Yeah, on the phone and facebook.
Jack: So you chatstalked her?
by dumbledor42 November 17, 2011
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