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A euphemism qualifying a noun with a greater sense of intensity rather than as plainly stated.
After this past census, there's been an ongoing debate over gerrymandering by elected officials. This underlies the shit storm of controversy over who stands to gain by redrawing the new district lines.
by dumb ironworker January 19, 2007
Intense sexual intercouse.
Babe, when I get home we're gonna work up a fuck storm till dawn, yeah!
by dumb ironworker January 19, 2007
Someone who busies oneself in the sordid pursuit of vagina.
My roomate in college....now that man was a bonified twat monger!
by dumb ironworker January 18, 2007
A euphemism for a couple engaging in sexual intercourse.
I walked into my dorm room, only to find a two headed beast working up a fuck storm!
by dumb ironworker January 19, 2007
A euphemism for a programming flaw or glitch in a software application discovered only after it's release into the general public.
"Yes, the help desk is aware that creating more than four hundred subdirectories inside a single folder corrupts the file allocation table. That is an 'undocumented feature' which we are closely monitoring at this time".
by dumb ironworker January 18, 2007
One who engages in the sexual practice of cunnilingus. Pussy eating. Often pertaining to lesbians, but can also pertain to men as well.
How little did I know that the hot chick sitting at the bar was in fact a tuna taster.
by dumb ironworker January 18, 2007
The act of reaching behind one's self to manually grab another's penis in order to help guide it's insertion into one's own anus.
Just to let you know that my heart's in the right place, Bubba's gonna let YOU have the reach around!
by dumb ironworker January 18, 2007

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