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Unable to be defeated; Invincible.
John: Dude, that's the fifth time in a row you beat me in basketball.

Sam: Yeah, I'm totally unfuckwithable.
by dugsmet October 09, 2010
a prophylactic; a condom. So named because it is slipped onto the penis.
Will: Dude, last night that chick totally rocked my world.

Roger: You mean Lisa? Man, she's been around. I hope you wore a dick slipper.
by dugsmet October 12, 2010
Having strong characteristics of cake frosting.
Even though this cake topping is whipped cream, it tastes very frosting-y.
by dugsmet October 08, 2012
Sorority or preppy type girls that indescribably wear long sleeve sweatshirts with unbelievably short shorts.
That girl knows she's wrorg, 48 degrees out, and she's wearing that long-ass sweatshirt with them short-ass shorts. That's a sweat-shortie fo sho!
by dugsmet October 08, 2012
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