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starcraft for the l33t
doug: "hey steve, want to play a game of lollercraft?"
steve: "heysurekthxbye.gif"
doug: "hf gl gg d00d"
by dugald December 14, 2004
A vital link in nature's chain. Prolonged exposure to raw chicken may cause ocular conjunctivitis.
"Chickens are a vital link in nature's chain! And that's why we use them to play chicken-ball in the house!"
by dugald February 05, 2005
When a person of the black or hispanic persuasion starts a fight in a store with employees or other customers to aid and cover the shoplifting efforts of other members of said person's group. Named after the Arbiter aircraft in Starcraft, a ship that makes nearby friendly units invisible.
Wow, Jose is such an arbiter. I heard that he punched out somebody at Best Buy so his friends could raid the Bargain Bin.
by dugald December 21, 2004
When an arab kid tries to start shit and gets shut down by the cops, usually involving a severe beating after he smashes a police car window and spits on hte officers.
david goswami got abu ghraibed
by dugald December 11, 2004

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