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when you tuck your mobile/cell into a collar or scarf so you can talk handsfree.
its cold out here so i'm gonna tuck and talk.
my girlfriend goes on about work for hours so i tuck and talk.
by dug October 29, 2007
Horny as hell and no where to put it
My balls feel like the ears of an elephant and me dic needs a hantis

by Dug February 02, 2003
1. The body left behind by avatars in on-line games when a character is killed. Especially for games in which items are left behind on the body.
When ICEMAK jumped off of the cliff he left a khorps on the beach down below.
by dug March 13, 2003
The Male Reproductive organ
Damn that girl sucks a mean Man Choocha
by Dug March 24, 2003
to pass or throw something to someone
wing us that hotdog?
wing it over here.
wing us another beer!
by dug October 21, 2006

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