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spoken with emphasis on the "you"

is the lowest form of comeback to an insult, usually, but when used correctly (e.g. out of context) it becomes one of the funniest and most classy calls
usual context:
bully "you are so fat, look at you, fatty fatty boom boom"
kid "you are"

used correctly:

Jason "this office is a bit sterile without a radio"
Brendan "YOU are"
by dufix September 26, 2006
a company who has become cut off/blacklisted/shunned by their supplier for their slanderous comments to a manufacturer
account manager "hey why do i lose orders for this customer?"
manager " oh they bitched to the manufacturer, they have been Dex'ed"
by dufix September 21, 2006
similar to getting shit canned, to 'get the ass' is to get fired from your job
Michael: Peter if you dont get your shit together you are going to get the ass

Peter: you think they would really fire me over a few million of missing stock?
by dufix July 10, 2008

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