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Parts of speech: noun, verb
Pronounced: "dude-kak-ke"
Definition: A dudekakke is like a bukakke, but with a guy in the middle. In other words, a dudekakke is a gay bukakke.
Etymology: Albert came up with the word "dudekakke" to try and describe the female version of a bukakke, but the word "dudekakke" ended up sounding extremely gay, and we all made fun of him for it.
Example: Cameron swears that he isn't gay, but he loves screaming out, "Squirtle, Squirtle!" while being dudekakked.
#bukakke #gay #porn #sex #fetish
by dudekakke August 29, 2008
The Joker is a sexual maneuver performed by a man having sex with a woman on her period. The man sticks two fingers into her pussy and then inserts his bloodied fingers into her mouth, thus giving her a bloody smile a la The Joker. When she turns around to angrily ask what he's doing, he exclaims, "WHY SO SERIOUS???"
Chris told me that he pulled off The Joker last night. That explains why his girlfriend is so upset!
#period #joker #sex #finger #smile
by dudekakke August 29, 2008
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