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An (unused) Korean internet domain. Even DPRK government websites are located in Japan or the US, because there is no such thing as an ISP in Kimjongilland. Hence, no websites.
Korea is really poor, that's why there are no websites on .kp.
by dudeinwales October 22, 2006
The stupid name of an even more retarded leftist/Islamist political party in the UK. George Galloway is its' best known member and MP, and he is a gobshite.
Me: RESPECT are retarded.
Person 2: Got that right.
Me: George Galloway is also retarded, and is a Marxist gobshite.
Person 2: Indeed.
by dudeinwales October 22, 2006
Some shitty rock that Koreans go ape shit about. No-one else could give a toss, though.
Korean: Dokdo Islet in East Sea of Korea belong to Korea! AZN PRIDE *cuts off his finger*

Non-Korean: Yeah, whatever man.
by dudeinwales October 23, 2006
Chosunjok (also known as Chinese-Koreans) is a term referring to ethnic Koreans who live, or were brought up in, mainland China.
I really like Chosunjok people, they are in my opinion kinder, friendlier and more open-minded than South Koreans. Also, Chosunjuk women are really hot.
by dudeinwales October 25, 2006
Communism is a shitty socio-political system common to Cuba, China, Israel, North Korea, Vietnam, and Belarus.
I once visited a country under Communism and it was shit.
by dudeinwales October 22, 2006
Kwon Boa is a Korean singer who lives in Japan and once *gasp* dated a Japanese guy, and is therefore now villified by many Koreans (see Insane).
Me: Wow BoA is really hot! I wish she was my girlfriend.
Korean girl: BoA is Chinilpa slut and isn't a real Korean!! Why did she become slutty girl and dating Japanese guy?
Me: Whatever love, she is still much better looking and has more talent than you.
by dudeinwales October 24, 2006
When used in most of the world: an American
When used in Asia: any white person
When used in the USA: Someone from New England
Koreans call me a Yankee, even though I'm not from the US.
by dudeinwales November 16, 2006

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