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a small town in tuscarawas county, ohio. yet no one who lives there seems to know how to spell the name of the county. The town is full of drunk, pot smoking rednecks, a police force that resembles the third reich, and young disease infested women. Many girls under the age of 20 have children, or multiple children. Many with multiple men and out of wedlock. The towns few attractions are a courthouse (in which you cannot enter unless in handcuffs),
a dirty park, and the boulevard which is a part of 4th st which consists of 5 fast food restaurants. A luxury in the town. Many of the towns younger residents seem to think the town is a rough, dangerous, ghetto city such as that of compton, california of the late 1980's, when it is in fact just a dirty skank-hole. If you plan on coming to new philadelphia for an exciting getaway, think otherwise.
I am going to "new philadelphia, ohio" for the weekend

that sucks.
by dudefromsomewhere January 27, 2011
The definition of "Taylor Swift(ing)" is when your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/etc. leave you and you complain and deny all purposes of said leaving, as if you are "Writing a song about it"
Taylor Swift(ing) includes: "Come on, Michael... don't be a Taylor Swift." , "Dude, so when I told her I was going to the party, she totally started to Taylor Swift me." . "My boyfriend is kind of making me upset, because whenever I say I need to go he always starts Taylor Swifting."
by DudeFromSomewhere September 21, 2013
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