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2 definitions by dudeboyman

The ultimate prank. This requires
A) a victim B) a pooper c) a hitter
The steps:

1) Wait for the victim to fall asleep
2) get the pooper to eat many things throughout the day to improve the prank. I suggest laxatives as well. Get him to take a poo and not wipe his ass.

3) Go to the victim and get the pooper to spread his buttcheeks 4-5 inches away from the victim's face
4) the hitter then proceeds to hit the victim in the balls, causing him to wake up and splatter his face into the pooper's bung hole
5) Yell "Huka Zuna!". Screaming "Mutha fucka" right after is optional, but its highly advised
"Dammit man, Charlie was such a dick today. We should Huka Zuna that mutha fucka"
by Dudeboyman March 29, 2010
Exactly like peer pressure, except when a girl specifically makes you do something you don't want to do.
"Omg, my girlfriend poon pressured my into buying her those news shoes."
by dudeboyman February 25, 2010