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1. someone that is so stupit that his/her IQ is below 0
2. someone that is so retarded that its contagious
3. one that twitches their face a lot and scratches their bellys
4. someone that smokes a shitload of meth and steals air out of peoples tires
5. someone that makes silly stupit rap songs about themselves and prank calls people using them
6. one that forgets something that was said minutes ago (burnout)
1. " Eddy is such a wanocheeboy that he didnt even know that people sold beer in a liquor store"
2. " i just got prank called by some idiot wanocheeboy playing his damn rap music"
3. " what the hell is wrong with that kid over there he must be a wanocheeboy, who the hell steals air out of peoples tires"
4. " damn jeff i just said that 2 seconds ago, wow what a wanocheeboy"
5. " dude look at that kid over there his face is twitching like a wanocheeboy'
by duckman1042 March 29, 2010
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