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A community that lies on the northwest side of Chicago, Illinois. Paseo Boricua is the very essence of Puerto Rican history and culture in Chicago's Latin community.
Jenny: What's with all these.. um, white people coming in? I mean, I don't mind them being white, you know.

Stephanie: Yeah, I agree. I don't mind them being white at all. But these particular people are trying to diminish our culture by slowly taking over every small business and changing it completely! I mean, they even want to take down the two flags which mark where Paseo Boricua begin and end. This is terrible. Have they no shame?!

Jenny: Yeah. Aqui luchamos, aqui nos quedamos. (Here we struggled, here we stay.)
by duappy October 14, 2004
one who fondles male gentialia in a rough manner as to be wrestling them
That slut was a major testicle wrestler, believe me i know <nudge nudge>
by duappy November 09, 2004
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