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5 definitions by drzygote

'Shitgun' can be called by one person out of more than one people that need a dump, and are faced with one toilet.

Adam: 'Christ, I need a shit, i'm touching cloth. As soon as we get home, im in there'

Joe: 'Bad luck bro, I already called shitgun on yo ass. Suffer!'
by Drzygote June 01, 2007
27 4
The shape made by the hairline in a certain type of male pattern baldness, where two big circles have eaten into the hairline at the temples. This gives the hairline the shape of a set of mickey mouse ears.
Boy, Joe needs to shave his head. Those mickey mouse ears are getting horrendous. If they get any bigger, they'll amalgamate to form a jim from neighbours island.
by drzygote June 01, 2007
40 17
The type of Male pattern baldness, as exhibited by Jim from the Australian soap Neighbours in the late 80s-early 90s.
This is characterised by a hairline that has receded at the front, to the point where there is a small island of hair left at the top of the forehead.

This may be connected to the main hair by a little causeway. In that case it would become a peninsula.
Boy, Joe really needs to get rid of that jim from neighbours island, he's starting to look like little Jimmy Somerville.
by drzygote June 01, 2007
28 10
euphemism for an orgasm, or satisfying someone sexually.
joe: just as i brought her to fruition, she made a high pitched sound like a whining pup, and inserted her finger up my arse

toby: the dirtyslag!
by drzygote August 14, 2008
18 12
a tactic designed to destract someone: a diversion tactic.
Joni and Dudley were playing scrabble. Joni was using her sub-table foot fondling of Dudley's genitalia as a distractic.
It worked, Dudley couldnt think of any good words, and Joni won the game.
by drzygote January 18, 2009
7 2