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cologne reeking, structure wearing, too much gel motherfucker that'll hit on your girlfriend while you're standing right there. he will also start talking to a girl you're talking to like you ane't there- usually has to little fag friends to back is pussy ass up incase you retaliate. he is not necessarily italian as the name might suggest.
i just met this hottie, then some guido steps in and cock blocks
by drunkenstein April 16, 2004
when doing a girl doggystyle- you abruptly switch from the vagina to the anus
i was so drunk a gave rory a louisiana lane change.
by drunkenstein April 16, 2004
Bar Whore
i think you're the only guy here who hasnt pumped that skeez stef.yet hahaha
by drunkenstein April 16, 2004
town slut
vicky's a fenway man, not everyguy on earth has been there, but alot of guys from around here have.
by drunkenstein April 16, 2004
a dogs dick, a moron
george dubya's a fuckin dingus
by drunkenstein July 12, 2004

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