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1) One of the most respected, revered and influential filmmakers in motion picture history (ref. a multitude of Simpsons references for just one example). Kubrick's films looked and sounded unlike anyone else's. He quickly evolved in the 1960s from an A-list Hollywood director and respectable craftsman to a master auteur, responsible for thematically, technically and aesthetically groundbreaking work.

Some of his later films (underservedly) reached fewer people when audiences could no longer keep up with his thematic explorations of the failures of Western civilization.

2) A really bizarre and eclectic collection of plastic toys and figurines from Japan, so named for no known reason. Sold at Giant Robot stores and other internet hipster-toy merchants, etc.
Kubrick is not for the intellectually challenged or those weaned on Bruckheimer trash.
by drunkensailor January 11, 2005

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