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A party where people (usually family, friends, or a combo of the two) get together and have a game where you unwrap, steal, and trade off presents never actually useful in real life. I mean, my family W.E. party got me a laser tape measure!
"What's up! How did the White Elephant party go?"
"I got a laser thingy!"
"Ooh! That sucks."
"Are you kidding?! That thing is awesome! You push the button and a little red dot comes out!"
by Drumline December 25, 2005
an instrument in the drumline that almost EVERYBODY wants to play. The drummers of these items usually are the cockiest and/or craziest guys in the line and their school, but their drum is always the only one on the field you can hear, so they have a right to be.
that one drum that's not vertical but is at times tilted to the drummer's right is a snare drum.
by drumline February 24, 2006
Porn written from, by, and for middle-aged women. Technically not considered "pornogropphy" since there aren't pictures (at least on paper.)
The irony of this thing is that most women against visual pornogrophy read their "romance novels" in public, which is something no porn addict would EVER do.
by Drumline May 28, 2006
A treat where you take perfectly good Gummie Bears and wipe them all up the anus region as if they were toilet paper.
In order for it to work well, there should not be poop stains on any, or the camp counselors might notice. Just the fact they've been up in there is nasty enough, trust me.
At a percussion camp, our school's drumline make a huge Ziploc bag of Grundle Bears that the college counselors snacked down. Yummy.
by drumline February 24, 2006
The greatest thing to hit Suburban America since the back yard.
A (dare I say it) sport in which people throw a ball at a wall, hoping an opponet drops it so they can throw the ball to get an out. At three outs, they go to the wall and await a peg. Be sure to cover up the coin purse if you wanna have kids when it's all said and done.
For the most part, the rules are very flexible, so you can make up hundreds of different versions, like Spread the Eagle, Drumline Wallball, or even Fireball (where you soak a tennis ball w/ gasoline, light it, and play with gloves)
If the guys at ESPN put Scrabble and the Spelling Bee on the air, I wanna see Wallball!
by Drumline December 29, 2005
The coolest guys in your school...period.
The drumline is cooler than the starting qurterback, the stoner, and Russel Crowe combined.
by Drumline December 29, 2005
The term used by southerners to describe the debauchery of speech of those from in or around New York. Referred to as "The King's English" by some liberal idiots either up there or from there.
"Jahn, get me sum watah, I can't get up, tha Yanks ah playn' tha Cahd'nals! It's tha bahttum uv tha seventh with twu ahuts and a runneh ahn thoid!"

"Dad, you're in Texas now. It's Saturday. Cut the Yank-slang crap and watch some freakn' football!"
by Drumline October 14, 2006

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