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The inaugeration of the anti-christ into the highest government office in the greatest country in the world. The begining of the end. Last date of life being 39 days before the end of his first term.
The Obacalypse is coming, 12/21/2012
by drjemt May 04, 2009
The next big "epidemic" that the government will make up too keep us on our toes. Will come shortly after Pig flu is forgotten.
"Jonny has Duck Fever"
"That sucks man, he had swine flu a couple months ago!!"
by drjemt May 06, 2009
Bar 5, extending your hand and smacking your significate other
on his/her tight ass as a greeting.
I'm gonna bar 5 my wife when i get home.
by drjemt May 04, 2009
A word meaning Cigar, usually of the Cuban type.
Man must be high rollin, he's hittin a cuban tree.
by drjemt May 06, 2009

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