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A marketing phenomena first made popular in the mid 80's. originally introduced by toyota and intended to outlast the camry, america's number 1 selling sedan, the cressida ultimately failed in such an endeavor and was discontinued sometime in the early 90's. a super-modified automobile, the cressida comes to most represent the toyota avalon, a luxory version of the camry. backed by a large amount of genius, the cressida was ultimately equipped as both a high performance and luxory vehicle.

boasting a 190hp twincam engine, highly resembling that of the toyota supra, this rear-wheel car took the nation by storm and can be seen around the nation by young drifter's in their early 20's.
tom: ahhhh damn...
mike: crappp...
dk: what happened?
david: alex's cressida just pwned up that caca brown suburban and jizzy accord.
by driftingZzzz June 02, 2005

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