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3 definitions by driche4580

An exetremely unnatractive girl who tries to use a lollipop to seduce a man.

I came across one once, and she demonstrated a what she thought was "sexy" way to lick a lollipop, and stated "It will work on any guy." I was repulsed!
"ugh, seductive lollipopper tried the lollipop thing on me again!"
"she does that everytime you pass her!"
by driche4580 January 23, 2007
One-eyed bitch who has that one eye focussed on sex by any means.
Her hair depicts an innocent young virgin, with flowing lox, while behind the conditioner lies a vicious and horny beast.
OMG! She's an OCTY, watch out for her suduction...
by driche4580 January 23, 2007
One who's hair is straight, but curves out so unnaturally at the end, taking the appearance of an octopus' legs. An octy also walks unusually fast!
"How did that Octy pass us?! She was way back there!"
"I don't know! Her hair is way creepy, though!"
by driche4580 January 23, 2007