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to mess up, to eff up
Coontail, you have defaniantly gone and fudged the bucket now.
by drewxxx January 24, 2003
to thrust your hips in a way that your boys slap against each other and other parts of your body loud enough to make a noise.
coined my matt ritchie
Andrew, i was doin the slap attack today in umbro's and these hot girls saw me! Aww it was priceless
by drewxxx January 24, 2003
a band that will totally owwwwwwwwwwwn your face. the totally bring the moooooosh.;p
dude, have you seen the burning yet? their bassist looks just like Charlie Buckets
by drewxxx January 24, 2003
heavy music. with sounds that resmble chuga chuga. ie: throwndown, hatebreed, untill the end, blood for blood, the burning(ha)..
chuga chuga RA RA chuga chuga
by drewxxx January 24, 2003
A rock on the sea shore looking like a penis
Look there is a whisky willy
by Drewxxx February 26, 2015

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