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In the video game Call of Duty World at War The Japanese are constantly throwing grenades to the point you may have a full ring of grenade indicators around you. At this point you have earned the right to call them "grenade lobbing sluts" especially if you are playing on veteran difficulty.
I just started the mission "blowtorch and corkscrew" on veteran difficulty when suddenly a wild pack of grenade lobbing sluts appeared. I suddenly realized there were grenades encircling me causing me to be blown up from multiple directions.
by dreichert December 05, 2011
When you are playing ping pong and you crush the ball with an overhead hit. When this happens you can yell "I'm full on asian." It can referred as going full on asian.
David and Vince were playing ping pong when suddenly Vince lobs the ball and David crushes it while yelling "I'm going full on asian."
by dreichert November 07, 2011

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