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The inflammatory allegations and viewpoints offered by pundits in the Mainstream Media, calculated to make people feel righteously indignant, angry, and/or fearful.

V.P.S. is great for keeping people divided over pointless issues and bogged down by a never-ending ending stream of misinformation and biased interpretations which exist only within a truncated frame of reference.
Letting yourself be moved by V.P.S., and especially holding it as sound knowledge is anathema to intelligence and progress as it only causes fragmentation and feelings of intellectual and moral superiority.

Etymology: Taken from Aldous Huxley's book, "Brave New World." In that book's planned perfect society, people need a monthly dose of a concoction called V.P.S. to expose their body to all of the violent emotions which their perfect society does not elicit. It is touted having "all of the tonic effects of killing Desdemona and being killed by Othello," and is essential for bodily health.
Example 1
News Junkie: "That fuckin Bill O'Reilly; how can anyone be so stupid and ignorant?"

Rational Thinker: "Relax, He's paid to be inflammatory and administer your Violent Passion Surrogate."

Example 2
Reactionary: "Goddamn Obama is gonna take away my guns and turn this into a socialist country!"
Rational Thinker: "Relax dude, if they're talking about it on the news it's probably not an important issue but a distraction from real goings-on. It's just some Violent Passion Surroagte to keep you from thinking clearly.
by dreguan May 15, 2013
Any game where the only required equipment is a balled-up piece of paper.
Me: Man, when I was little we was so poor we used to play this game called 'paperball.'

You: Paperball? what the fuck is that?

Me: Take a piece of paper, ball that motherfucker up, and play with it.
by dreguan March 08, 2010
Badonka-donk (big ass on a female) that is Ridonkulous (beyond ridiculous)
Dood 1: Oh my God, see that broads ass? I smacked it a minute ago and its still jigglin.

Dood 2: That badonka-donk is ridonka-donk
by dreguan March 12, 2010
Toronto slang for puttin' a hurtin on that ass, wearin that ass out, a thorough fucking, hittin them skins
"You talkin bout cuttin & hittin skins? -we talkin bout beat that face" -Kardinal Offishall

Oh my god, do you see that honey with the tanline on her shirt and the titjob? I wanna beat that face!
by dreguan February 28, 2010

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