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2 definitions by dreadreaDREA! (LOL FAIL)

AKA retarded. Sometimes when you're hanging out with your friends this kind of behavior is acceptable; however, in the general public you should definitely limit your dumbassness. Acting loud, stupid; making poor decisions regarding life. See also teenage boy.
Sitting alone in his room at night, with no one else to even talk to, Steven finally realized something: he was a dumbass.
by dreadreaDREA! (LOL FAIL) March 18, 2009
Pronounced nah-nee. Word used to define vagina. Not as dirty as "pussy" but more hip than saying "vagina."
Some girls on the internet have nonis that make you go "EWWWW!"
by dreadreaDREA! (LOL FAIL) March 18, 2009