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v. to go to the gym; to work out
im going gymming today, do you want to come?
by dr. fuckel February 09, 2009
a person who will kill your boner.
guy 1: i had this huge boner last night then i thought about femus and i lost it and i couldnt get it back!
guy 2: fucking femus!
by dr. fuckel January 21, 2009
a guy who is really nice and cute, but hes a huge prude, so hes no fun. also hes extremely skinny. but he has a six pack so its all good.
i love kiefer but why does he have to be such a prude!
by dr. fuckel January 21, 2009
a guy who is really nice, but he is a femus. the only way to describe him is a femus. a femus is a noun, or an adjective, used to name or describe someone who is just so indescribable the only thing to call them or describe them as is femus.
it is not a good thing to be called a femus!!!

also spelled as phemus
n. hey femus!

adj. ew hes such a femus.
by dr. fuckel January 21, 2009
is sexist!
when kiefer got a tiger they only had guy tigers. that is sexist. now his tiger is named raquel even though it is a guy. world of warcraft needs to be less sexist and have girl tigers too because girl tigers exist in the real world!
by dr. fuckel February 08, 2009

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