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Stop it; end; cease, discontinue
Posey: Lil' Jon is too fine!
Samerine: Girl, kill it!
by dr. aylen June 21, 2006
A special word used to describe the color of someone's attire. The appearance of the color, or physical attributes can also be included.
If John Q. Everybody was wearing a white shirt, with blue jeans and brown shoes, he'd be:

White shirt, brown shoes, blue-jean blerry.
by dr. aylen June 21, 2006
Said after someone says something that one goes against or doesn't agree with; something irrelevant or completely unbelievable. Kill it (definition #7) may also be added as a way to get the point across clearer.
Kathy: Britney Spears is so hot right now.
La' Sha: Girl, get down!


Lauren: Ludacris is so much finer than Usher.
Karee: Girl, get down and kill it!
by dr. aylen June 21, 2006

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