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A massive dinosauric creature created by Gerald Robotnik. This creature is said to be so powerful it has been dubbed "The Ultimate Lifeform". The Biolizard was created to avenge Gerald Robotnik's murdered daughter Maria and was finally defeated by Shadow the Hedgehog, another one of Gerald's creations. It also has the ability to become the Finalhazard by merging with the ARK.
The Biolizard launched a flurry of orbs at Shadow.
by Dr. Chaos February 19, 2004
The ultimate evolution of the Biolizard. By merging it's own body with ARK, it gains complete control over it. Finalhazard uses this power to set itself on a crash course with Earth. The world would've been destroyed if Super Sonic and Super Shadow had not intervened and defeated Finalhazard with the Chaos Control.
The Finalhazard has a terrible acne problem.
by Dr. Chaos February 19, 2004
the lyrics from that gay ricki martin song
shebang she shebang watever the hell that means
by dr. CHAOS October 18, 2003
a dinosaur in the paleolithic era, known 4 heriditary genitial elaphantitis, all know fossils have been stolen by Amelia G. after the infamous cucumber famine of 2002
a bird, a plane, a giant nutsac
by dr. CHAOS October 18, 2003
that time of the month
ohhhh no the flood, dont bleed on me!
by dr. CHAOS October 18, 2003
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