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A sudden flash of genius, when one is trying to solve a complicated problem or frustrating issue. Inspired by the show House M.D. Typically near the end of the episode; Dr. House, in deep thought or from seeing a clue around him, finally finds the right diagnosis.
After accidentally spilling a bottle of black ink on my carpet, I tried to get it off with an old sponge before it dried. While panicking to clean it, I had a House moment. I ran to my bathroom, grabbed a bottle of shampoo, poured it on the spill, and scrubbed it spotless.
by Dr. Claw December 31, 2008
The Playstation 3's equivalent of the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death. It occurs when the PS3 experiences hardware failure and crashes. When the PS3 is powered on, the usual green power light on the console turns yellow, then blinks red repeatedly.
"When I turned on my PS3 to play some Metal Gear Solid 4, it crashed and gave me the Yellow Line of Doom error message. I'm now the proud owner of a $600 brick"
by Dr. Claw February 23, 2009
A broken off beer or liquor bottle, (in some instances, a broken pool cue) used as a jagged weapon in a fight. Usually the person brandishing it is Irish, pissed off, and swings it around like a lightsaber.
I nearly got cut in the face with an Irish lightsaber when the soccer hooligans were rioting outside the bar.
by Dr. Claw February 08, 2009
German or Yiddish term for penis or prick; which can also be used as an insult, usually describing someone who is a real jerk.
"The boss decided to have selective amnesia about not paying our Christmas bonuses this year ... what a fucking schwanz."
by Dr. Claw January 24, 2009
(Def. 1): A popular method of intimidation in ancient history; where the winning army cuts off the heads of defeated soldiers, impaling them on a pike or stick to demoralize and frighten the conquered people. It was also used after an execution to make a public example of the consequences of breaking the law.

(Def. 2): A metaphor describing retaliation or punishment for another's wrongdoing, or public outrage against an individual or group for the same reason.
After the BP Oil Spill; many Americans would like to see Tony Hayward's head on a stick, myself included.
by Dr. Claw August 18, 2010
A steak or hamburger that is cooked extremely rare and bloody, it borders on being raw. Any rarer and the cow would literally have to be slaughtered at the dinner table.
We ordered Filet mignon that was so bloody rare, I swear the steaks were still mooing when they got to our plates.
by Dr. Claw January 11, 2009
A black market doctor; usually someone who counts showing up for one class of med school as experience, who will perform crude medical procedures for cash. It usually is someone who patches up gangsters who have been shot, does black market organ donations or back-alley abortions. His office can be usually be found in an alley or conveniently from the trunk of his car.
"I couldn't afford my next mortgage payment; and needed the cash to avoid foreclosure, so I decided to sell my left kidney and spleen. I found a street surgeon who is more than willing to remove and sell them for a good price."
by Dr. Claw January 24, 2009

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