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one of the derrogitory terms for a summer tourist at the New Jersey Shore. A Bennie is an upsacle version of a shoebie. Shoebies come from New York or Philadelphia with their stuff in a shoe box. Bennies go down the shore for a week, usally with their families and or girl friends. They make a point of showing off by flashing large amounts of cash around, usually $100 bills. This practice has earned them the nickname, Bennie.
Pizza Guy #1: "the nerve of that guy...wanting to pay for a slice of pizza with a hundred dollar bill. Didn't he see the sign, (No Large Bills)."
Pizza Guy #2: "Well its that time of year again. Thats the 4th Bennie we've had this week."
by dpon62 November 10, 2007
Mission Creep happens when extra and often unnessesary details that are added to a project usually causing the project to spiral out of control. Mission Creep
slows down the process and causes things to creep along

I wanted to put closet organizers in this weekend but beacuase of Mission Creep I ended up spackeling the walls and painting the room as well.
by dpon62 January 21, 2008

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