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2 definitions by dpollydaweasel

1: An expulsion of air released by the penis.
2: A reference to someone that will never make it in the real world, or is too much of a pussy to get shit done. This originates from the fact that "penisfarts" never happen.
Tice: Yo whats up with Morgan? He's been failing all his tests and he never goes out anymore.
Dylan: Yeah I heard he's been a real penisfart recently. He needs to step his game up.
Tice: True, true.
by DPollydaWeasel October 05, 2011
The act of masturbating in the shower.
Brandon: Yo hurry up and get out of the shower what's takin you so long?
Dylan: My bad dude, I'm just noodle splashin.
Brandon: Oh nice. Take your time then.
by dpollydaweasel December 15, 2011