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When you are either bored with a conversation you're having with someone or just want to end it you tell the person"you're wasting my daytime minutes."

It refrences a limited amount a minutes you can use on your cell phone often refered to as anytime or daytime minutes but applies it to conversation in this case.
Stop bugging me, your wasting my daytime minutes.

I'm almost out of daytime minutes, so this conversation has to end soon.
by downwithgilmore July 13, 2009
when a person tries to pawn off their crap on you from either their cube at work when they clean it out or from home because they are too lazy to get rid of it themselves.
Dude, no I don't want your poster of a cat "hanging in there." Stop trying to garage sale me your crap.

Dude, stop trying to garage sale me your old "recylce" bumper sticker. I don't want your crap.
by downwithgilmore July 08, 2009

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