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This tiny city where the restaurant at the corner of dix toledo and Sibley changes every week. Its a boring town with nothing to do but eat. Southgate is a fat persons paradise with many restaurants such as red lobster, olive garden, Outback steakhouse, and a variety of pizza places and fast food restaurants even a popeyes. The high school is a dump with very inadequate parking. The Students at the school are pretty much made up of sluts and wiggers.
person 1: Hey lets go hang out in southgate!

person 2: Uh and do what?

Person 1: Hang out with these slutty southgate bitches!

person 2: Oh ok yea sounds like fun
by downriversmellz July 12, 2009
A very small town in southeastern Michigan that has a total area of only 6.8 miles. For a very small town it is actually pretty busy on Telegraph road where their are a variety of fast food restaurants and the Flat Rock Speedway and a bowling alley, it also has a driving school where most of the crappy drivers in wayne and monroe county learn to drive. It also has an abandoned K-mart which looks like hell with weeds growing all over the damn place. The high school is a small school full of white trash, wiggers, blacks, and emo's. And when I say emo's I mean emo's just a ton of them. So to put it simply Flat Rock is a very small town with many residents below the poverty level and very odd kids.
Kid: "Hey look at those weird emo kids walking down the street"

Friend: "Ugh emo kids they must be from Flat Rock.
by downriversmellz July 12, 2009
A rapper who raps about doing alot of hardcore shit but grew up in the suburbs and used to wear lipstick and eyeliner and dressed up in a sequin jumpsuit. He had the nerve to diss Eazy-E, one of the greatest rappers of all time and as a result Eazy-E burned his ass in the song Real Muthaphuuckkin G's.
Person 1: "Yea Dr.Dre is pretty hardcore huh?

Person 2: "If wearing lipstick and eyeliner is hardcore than yea Dr. Dre is pretty hardcore"
by downriversmellz July 12, 2009
A horrible ham actor who has red hair, he overacts every role he is given ( which isnt many ) and he is loaded with cheesy one liners. He talks very slowly and acts like hes all that. How he is still working is incredible.
From Southpark

Kyle Brovloski: " Quick,Ike,do your impersonation of David Caruso's career"

Ike ( jumps out of a plane )
by downriversmellz July 12, 2009

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