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In the 90's this referred to a Kate Spade, Prada or Gucci purse. Presently Louis Vuitton continues to reign as the supreme example though the term can refer to any ridiculously overpriced handbag popular in certain suburban areas.
Hey Sarah, grab your jewbag and let's go, Gucci's having it's 5% off Christmas sale.
by dover.snarker August 15, 2008
Someone who considers themselves to be Jewish but is ignorant of Jewish values, common sense, and/or the platforms, actions and reputations of the two major American political parties.
Let's attack a middle eastern country for a made up reason and see if it inspires more people to blow themselves up or sit in lotus and wish peace upon all men. Oh, totally the latter, I'm gonna vote Jewish Republican.
by dover.snarker August 15, 2008
a misspelling of "kike" used by anti-semites who are too ignorant to know how to spell their own slur.
dude, my daddy totally calls Jews kykes, let's say it all the time and be bad-ass. Cool dude, how do you spell it? I dunno man, only stupid jewwies who go to college and have jobs and contribute to society and fight for justice and equality for all human beings know how to do things like spell.
by dover.snarker August 15, 2008
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