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An old sugar town that responds to change slowly and it may take twenty years to become a local. The old families of the town are respectful, proud and caring people who don't like the path that the town has taken over the past ten years.

Teenagers congregate on the gutters of the streets because there aren't many things on offer for them in this town. The attitude towards learning is quite negative in the public schools - academic achievement is a low priority, while sport, parties, teen pregnancy and cyber slander are the mainstream. Bundaberg has potential, but the growing feral population is a concern for the future of this town.

Cheap discount stores do well in this town, as do government employees. Without the medical, police, primary industries, education, centrelink and main roads staff, this town would shrivel up.
Jack: "I don't want to work hard. It is boring and I don't care about the future."

Sue: "Well, you'll have to live in Bundaberg, then."
by doug1ness November 09, 2011
Something (or someone) that fails to perform to expectations - a bit shonky, dodgy, shaky or wobbly. Not very good. Origins circa late 1980's in Central Queensland.
That bicycle wheel has buckled so much that it is wocked!

My boat trip to shore was totally wocked as I became sea sick!
by doug1ness November 13, 2011
High five that does not make contact. Hands are held parallel to each other but not slapped - sometimes a silly buzzing sound is made.
Lazer five for doing a great job, man. But don't forget to wash your hands after picking up that trash.
by doug1ness July 12, 2015

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