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2 definitions by doss_bruan

A small country in Europe located between France, Germany and Netherlands. World famous for Belgian chocolate, waffles, great beer, DJs and ridiculously hot chicks.
Yo homes, let's go euro hopping. First stop? BELGIUM, mo'focka!!
by doss_bruan January 13, 2006
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Slang of backpacking through Europe, often in reference to jumping from country to country in search of alcohol and intercourse.

Because the countries of Europe are essentially 2 hours apart from each other. Many young (or old) non-Europeans seek to travel or backpack through Europe in search of adventure, getting wasted on euro booze and having one night sexual relations with european persons.
Person A: Bro, remmember when we were talkin about euro hopping?
Person B: Dude! Fuck yeah, let's go, bro!
Person A: iiight, we'll hit up Germany first, drink their kick ass booze, then we'll hit up Belgium and bang some ridiculously hot chicks.
Person B: awesome, then we'll go to France and make fun of French people
by doss_bruan January 13, 2006
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