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1 definition by doseofreality

They are the emo version of a hipster. Only major difference from straight up hipster is the males wear makeup and they have infiltrated the genre of metal. Scene "metal" bands usually only play drop D tuned guitars because they need to hide their lack of playing ability. The lyric content is emo-ish despite the scene kids' denial. Songs are almost exclusively about girls they'll never get or had or the girl broke up with them because they are in fact loser scene kids. They strive for attention which is why the guys dress like girls and the girls have several layers of what appears to be makeup they bought at Party City. Whereas hipsters try to dress down and look minimalist, scene kids take pride in the fact it took them forever to do their hair and makeup. Other than the level of makeup, scene males and scene females dress the exact same, maybe a scene chick will rock a skirt on occasion but that is it. The music they listen to is heavier than hipsters but equally as lame as to that which hipsters listen to. They talk and brag on how non-conformist they are (like hipsters) yet they (also like hipsters) are a walking contradiction because there are droves of them looking the same. Nothing is very original and their personalities tend to suck which is why they have to look like a freak in order for people to notice them. Unlike hipsters, cutting of the wrists is very common among scene kids, again to get as much attention as possible.
Sir 1: Why is that guy wearing girl pants and a deep v t-shirt down to where his chest is supposed to be?

Sir 2: Ah, that would be a scene kid good sir. He's trying desperately to be "different" but instead just looks like an idiot.

Sir 1: Oh, I get it. kind of like a hipster

Sir 2: Exactly.
by doseofreality August 27, 2012
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