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Developed in TWAR (Thread Without a Reason). It was determined that "work" was not a sufficiently cacophonous word for such a noxious place/activity.

"Krinch" was developed to convey, with its several hard soul-crushing consonants, the feeling of being at work.

Krinch was used consistently within the Thread Without a Reason as a replacement for the word "work" and there was a great outcry against it if w*rk was used instead.
I can't chat for very long--I'm krinching.
by doscdiva August 15, 2011
Developed in TWAR ( The Thread Without a Reason). It was determined that butt was not attractive enough a term to denote such a compelling body part. Mushion was chosen as a substitute.
Move your mushions, everyone--it's time to dance!
by doscdiva August 11, 2011

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